EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – training course attended February 2016

Translating EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are a harmonised system of standard documentation for the description of chemicals and mixtures. These documents have a standard format and terminology as stipulated in EU law. I recently attended a training course designed to familiarise the translator with this standard format and terminology, and the various reference materials available on-line from which to ensure compliance with the law when translating these documents.

The standards for SDS documents are laid down in Annex II of the REACH regulations (as amended) and all terms and headings to be contained therein have prescribed official translations in all official EU languages. If you are preparing an SDS for your product, ensure that it complies with EU law by reviewing the REACH and CLP regulations, or alternatively contact me and I can help you through this complex document.

The training course was conducted by Elisa Farina and provided by

Pharmaceuticals and patents

Having a background in pharmaceuticals and having translated chemical patents, I am now confident of being able to provide clients with reliable and, more importantly, legally-compliant translations of their SDS into English.

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