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Medical (medication, devices, prosthetics, etc.)

Medical translation

While people are turning more often to automated web-based translation sites, these tools still struggle to cope with complex documentation. Accuracy is particularly important in the medical field. It is vital that this documentation is translated by a human translator to ensure it is accurate, suitable and trustworthy. People’s lives may depend on it. There is still no alternative to the human brain’s cognitive processing abilities when dealing with complex terminological and cross-cultural concepts, particularly where patient safety is in play.

Make your next translation a professional one Galacore Translation Services offers accurate, professional translations in the Medical field from French, Italian and Polish. These translations will ensure that the correct message is conveyed in your documentation, avoiding any misunderstandings and inaccuracies which could well cause major issues in the delivery of your project and compromise patient safety. Is the information conveyed correctly in line with regulations in your target country? Are the names of the medicinal products correct and clear? Are the patient records available in your customer’s own language? These are just some of the issues you may face when attempting to complete the requirements for your medical device and not having accurate and professional-quality translations could slow you down or even scupper your project.

Common Translation Problems

If you are attempting to produce a new product for export, for example, you will need to provide user manuals, contracts, terms and conditions statements, privacy notices, compliance declarations, etc. in the language of the market you are aiming for. If your documentation cannot readily be understood by your customers, you will find that they will not want to buy your products and may even have some legal issues if your documentation is unclear or misleading. Don’t be tempted to use automated translation systems for important documents!